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Retail media networks are here to stay. In the past two years, they have exploded in popularity and become an effective vehicle to connect shoppers with your brands. But with a growing number of options, which networks should your company invest in?

In 2021, digital options continue to revolutionize the way grocers do business. Consumers are just as likely to look at a retailer’s app or website as they are to walk down the aisles of their stores. As a result, advertising norms for CPGs have evolved and expanded to include retail media networks.

But the (not so) new trend of retail media networks introduces unique challenges. For one, getting through to potential customers on the other side of the screen requires you to seek out each major retailer individually, which ultimately means more sales costs. On top of this, growing numbers of millennials and Gen Z shoppers are flocking to stores outside of the major retail chains.

Three Key Features to Look for in a Retail Media Network

With new advertising options from major retailers being added each month, how do you know which retail media network to invest in? Here are three key features that you should look for before investing.

  1. Placements Where It Matters Most
    Your network should increase brand visibility by placing targeted ads in front of shoppers when it matters most, the exact moment they are deciding what products to purchase.
  2. Robust Analytics
    The network should offer detailed analytics that demonstrate how ads impact shopping habits. This gives advertisers insight into how their ads are being experienced, and proof that their investment worked.
  3. Access to Shopper Data
    You should be receiving first-party data about the habits of shoppers as well as opportunities to connect with those shoppers, allowing your brand to create more direct shopper relationships.

The Largest Independent Digital Network

Looking for a retail media network that ticks all the boxes? Adsta offers all of this while simultaneously connecting you with 3,500 independent stores and wholesalers that you are currently missing in your outreach. These independent retailers are not available through any other network on the market. 

On top of that, Adsta’s benefits extend beyond the sales impact at independent stores. After all, most shoppers usually act on what is convenient at the moment. Just because a person prefers the experience of an independent store does not exclude them from shopping major retailers. The diverse brand discovery that takes place within the Adsta network helps shape purchasing habits when consumers visit larger chains as well. Products that shoppers initially see through Adsta are purchased during their visits to national chains, broadening the scope of the advertiser’s investment.

Shoppers Have Changed

Traditional forms of advertising continue to lose relevance, and CPGs are doing their best to put their brands in front of shoppers when it matters most. But the current landscape of retail media networks makes it impossible to reach everyone, particularly those who prefer a more localized independent shopping experience. With a simple implementation, you can gain access to shoppers from 3,500 stores nationwide. This level of outreach makes it easy to see why Adsta is disrupting the way retail media networks operate. 

Ready to gain access to millions of shoppers other networks don’t have?