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The shoppers have changed and it’s time for you to change with them.

If you are like most CPG’s, you struggle to connect with consumers
buying through independent grocers. Adsta is the answer. 

You have a fantastic product, so why have millions of shoppers never heard of it? The buying habits of shoppers are changing and leaving many CPG’s unsure of how to get their products in front of them. 

Whether you are trying to regain market share you’ve lost during the time of COVID, want to reintroduce your products, or are ready to unlock access to a new generation of shoppers, Adsta is the answer.

Largest Digital
Independent Network

Our exclusive system connects you with over three thousand independent grocers and directly with their millions of customers through engaging promotions and advertisements.

High-Value CPC

Shoppers trust independent grocers because they are a part of their community — friendly and familiar faces that build lasting relationships. Because of this, your ad content holds more weight in the eyes of independent grocer patrons. 

Multi-Channel Approach

Your interactive ads will get the VIP treatment. They’ll be featured in apps, websites, mobile devices, print, e-circular loyalty targeted programs, and in-store media. 

Trusted By World Leading brands
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Need More Reasons to Go with Adsta?

Younger buyers favor independents

Younger buyers favor the independent grocer but are increasingly more distracted. Adsta is the key to getting their attention.

Our multi-channel approach

Adsta is a multi-channel approach so rest assured your ads won’t be missed by high-value customers.

No-waste CPG network

Adsta eliminates wasted spend on non-qualified shoppers via curated digital campaigns.

What CPG Shopper Marketing Professionals are saying about us:

"We’ve run several omni-channel programs supporting a number of brands across our portfolio. Adsta’s vast reach and tactical capabilities have allowed us to reach shoppers that we previously were not able to."

"Every CPG should get excited about this national opportunity to digitally target millions of shoppers who shop at independent retailers. Whether it's targeting these shoppers via the web, mobile, e-circulars, in-store media, or all of the above, Adsta is the answer!"

"We've run several cycles wrapped around our brand's digital strategies, and Adsta's targeted program delivered results via impressions and clicks. Adsta offers uncharted territory CPG's have been dreaming about. "

"Our omni-channel programs include coupons the consumer can either print or clip. This digital omni-channel marketing platform is a proven way to reach the shoppers of independent grocers and, most importantly, get results. With the combination of interactive brand messaging and a coupon to drive sales, we've seen tremendous growth."

Meet the team
Over 45 Years of Experience

Shawn Tuckett

Webstop — Vice President of Sales and Client Service

p: 727.507.1660

Al Jones

ShopToCook — Vice President of Advertising Sales and Marketing

p: 513.227.4079

you have questions, we have answers
Frequently Asked Questions
How are my digital ads delivered to the shopper?

Adsta targets shoppers as they are making buying decisions. It's a multi-channel digital approach. 

Online: Your interactive brand message will appear on thousands of retailers' websites via e-circulars and weekly ad pages.
Pop-ups: Millions of shoppers will also see your content via a large pop-up ad.
E-Newsletters: A weekly e-newsletter is sent directly to loyal shoppers highlighting your ads upon opening. 
In-store: Retailers display your digital content with in-store advertising, including both clip and print capabilities.

What type of direct marketing capabilities does Adsta deliver?

Adsta amplifies all your brand messaging digital strategies. Your uses are endless, including:
+ Introducing new items
+ Digital sampling
+ Coupon delivery
+ Complex messaging

Am I able to advertise through Adsta at any time?

Absolutely. You can wrap Adsta around your planned digital strategy or use it as a stand-alone with short lead times as quick as two weeks.
Whether you wish to have Adsta:
+ Advertise a consumer awareness program
+ Add brand equity messaging to a current digital coupon offering
+ Provide a GS1 Barcode specifically for your program
+ Highlight a consumer rewards offer

Adsta delivers results.

How do I maximize my ROI with Adsta?

Adsta offers you the best CPC's in the industry to maximize your digital campaigns.

Adsta will:
+ Measure interactions
+ Interaction rate
+ Average cost metrics for all programs

With average click rates of less than $0.50, Adsta ensures the maximization of your budget and delivers a solid ROI.

What kind of compliance will I get with Adsta?

Never before have you been able to set up an ad campaign that encompasses all of these national independent retailers and their consumers. 

Adsta performs with 100% compliance in an instant!

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