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How retail media networks boost brand visibility on the digital shelf…

Every CPG brand aims to boost sales in the short term and build lasting brand loyalty and trust. But achieving this requires more than just a great product. It demands a comprehensive strategy that includes personalized customer engagement, effective marketing, and a strong commitment to anticipating consumer trends. 

Retail media can help connect the dots. 

By now, we all know that retail media helps brands create impactful advertising on retailer-owned platforms. However, without the right approach, these ads risk annoying rather than engaging shoppers. Truly effective retail media strategies do more than just provide incremental CPG revenue —they enhance the overall shopping experience.

Imagine creating ads that promote your products, inspire meal ideas for hungry shoppers, offer savings, and help them quickly locate what they need. This is the essence of smart retail media. Below, we explore several strategies to harness the revenue potential of retail media while adding genuine value for customers.

Maximize Your Market

In 2024, CPGs widely acknowledge the strategic importance of leveraging retail media to enhance customer in-store experiences.  

  • Digital ad revenue is forecast to grow 12% annually to about $140 billion in 2026. 
  • A substantial 86% of shoppers seek personalized digital experiences.
  • Retail media is expected to nearly double its share of total digital marketing spending over the next two to three years.

The good news is that CPG companies can reap countless benefits from this explosive growth, including precise and personalized marketing with high conversion rates, a deeper understanding of the shopper journey, and cost-efficient test-and-learn mechanisms. Capturing the full value of retail media requires a birds-eye view of what’s on the horizon and how future developments will impact your investment. 

To capture the full value of retail media, CPG brands should move beyond simply landing their products in front of customers and instead ask themselves, "How can these ads genuinely help the shopper?"

  1. Inspiration and Ideas - Ads can do more than promote; they can inspire. CPG ads offering meal ideas or recipes incorporating specific products aid shoppers in their weekly meal planning. This delivers practical value by featuring your branded items in sponsored recipes while subtly promoting your brand.
  2. Cost Savings - Highlighting economic choices or promotions offers significant benefits to shoppers. For instance, suggesting cost-effective alternatives or discounts on items that consumers frequently purchase can lead to substantial savings on their routine purchases.
  3. Time Efficiency - Retail media can save busy customers time by presenting quick meal solutions or curated product lists that cater to their specific needs, whether for families with young children, fitness enthusiasts, or pet owners.

CPG brands can deepen consumer engagement by transforming ad placements into valuable experiences. When shoppers encounter helpful recipe ideas, discover money-saving options, and find time-efficient shopping solutions through thoughtfully curated content, their loyalty and satisfaction are likely to increase, benefitting both the brand and the consumer.

Satisfied Shoppers, Soaring Sales

As retail media networks have grown in popularity, personalization is becoming increasingly crucial for brands to stand out. The good news for CPGs is that there is a direct link between personalization and long-term customer loyalty. One way for brands to do this is to leverage data analytics to gain deeper insights into customer preferences and behaviors. By understanding what their customers want and need, brands can tailor their marketing messages, product recommendations, and promotional offers to resonate more effectively with individual shoppers.

Additionally, implementing personalized in-store experiences, such as customized digital displays or personalized shopping assistance through mobile apps, can further enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. This personalized approach not only improves the shopping experience but also builds a stronger emotional connection between the brand and the customer, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases.

Ads That Connect and Convert 

While digital screens and app integrations are currently the most prevalent forms of in-store retail media, innovative solutions are constantly emerging. For instance, Wakefern has implemented tech-enabled, interactive sampling kiosks in nearly 100 ShopRite and The Fresh Grocer stores, where shoppers can receive product samples by scanning with their phones. This technology enhances the shopping experience and collects valuable data to track if product trials convert into purchases. 

Despite the potential of in-store retail media, CPG brands should prioritize investments in media technologies that provide comprehensive insights throughout the customer journey. This focus ensures that CPGs can understand and enhance every step of the shopping experience, from entry to checkout.

Adsta's Role in Enhancing Shopper Value for CPG Brands

Retail media transcends traditional advertising by fostering genuine consumer connections at pivotal moments on the path to purchase. CPG brands can leverage retail media networks to amplify their market presence, cultivate deeper consumer relationships, and accelerate growth.

At Adsta, we recognize the critical role of retail media in enhancing the shopping experience. Our offerings extend beyond mere banner ads, providing innovative solutions such as:

  • Access to Unique Shoppers: Adsta exposes your CPG products to millions of untapped shoppers by leveraging high-traffic retailer digital channels, expanding your market reach and visibility.
  • Multi-Channel Approach: Adsta utilizes a multi-channel strategy to ensure your ads reach high-value customers across various platforms, from digital in-store displays to online and social media, maximizing exposure and engagement.

For more information on how Adsta can help optimize your retail media strategy, contact us. We are ready to help you create retail media that benefits the shopper and fosters lasting loyalty.