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Adsta is arming independent retailers with the tools to operate their own retail media networks.

Independent retailers are jumping on a new platform from Adsta, which equips them to monetize their digital channels by offering advertising opportunities to CPG brands.

The platform provides financial models, detailed analytics, extensive reporting, strategic consulting, access to national offers, and a digital marketing media platform supporting 3,500 stores and over 15 million shoppers.

While Adsta — a joint venture between Webstop and ShoptoCook— is known for bringing millions of impressions to CPG brands through its national retail media network, the company launched the new retailer program in September 2021 during the National Grocers Association Show. The new initiative helps independents secure more funding from the CPG brands they already work with. Shawn Tuckett, Principle, Adsta, spoke with Morning News Beat’s Kevin Coupe at the NGA show about how this new offering is presenting opportunities for both independent retailers and CPGs:

Create Partnerships like a National Retailer

While large, national chains have recently launched sophisticated retail media networks, many independents and wholesalers do not have the same in-house resources to get these networks established.

It’s easy to fall behind these larger chains but now with Adsta these stores can offer CPGs the same level of insights and engagement, opening a larger revenue stream for their businesses. 

Adsta has partnered with brands like Kraft Heinz, Quaker, Kellogg’s, General Mills, Clorox, and Nestle, placing their products in front of millions of digital shoppers from independent grocery stores. In its first eleven months Adsta generated over 200 million digital impressions for CPG brands, and results are growing with each new campaign. 

And now independents can take advantage of Adsta’s proven processes to operate their own retail media networks and profit more from their existing CPG partnerships.

Monetize the Channels You Already Own

Brands are continuing to grow their use of digital media to advertise and promote their products. Meanwhile, independent grocers are positioned to benefit from this trend by monetizing digital channels they already own and operate. 

Are you ready to open a new revenue stream for your business? Get Retail Media solutions through Adsta that will enable you to manage and benefit from this growing opportunity.