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Expanded Platform Builds On Adsta’s Network of 50 million+ Grocery Shoppers and 4,000 Grocery Stores to Offer White Label Solutions for Retailers and Wholesalers

February 27, 2023

LAS VEGAS --(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Adsta, the first retail media network for independent grocers (launched in 2020) has announced its next offering: a white-labeled, user-friendly retail media management platform that enables grocery retailers and wholesalers to maximize their digital media monetization.The Adsta Enablement Platform (AEP) equips the over 4,000 grocery stores currently participating in the Adsta Retail Media Network to offer their own branded retail media networks to secure more of the estimated $50+ billion of 2023 retail media spending. 

Adsta levels the retail media playing field for independents, offering a combined network of thousands of stores and providing the scale and impact unmatched by any other retail media network. The new Adsta Enablement Platform further supports the independent segment by offering an efficient, consolidated system that manages media inventory, order fulfillment, campaign analytics and financial reporting via a single platform. The AEP platform greatly  simplifies execution of retail media campaigns. More importantly, the platform allows retailers to maintain control of all revenue generated by their retail media efforts while outsourcing the technology and platform management to Adsta.

“It is time for independent grocers to get their share of the digital ad spending pie and we’re thrilled to partner with some of the best grocers and wholesalers in the world to level the playing field.” says Shawn Tuckett, Cofounder of Adsta and CEO of Webstop. “The local grocer is the backbone of their community and we are dedicated to their digital transformation so they can continue to compete with the Goliaths of grocery. By bringing thousands of independents onto a single platform, Adsta unlocks revenue previously only available to the largest grocery chains”

Adsta’s rapid growth began in 2020 when it became the first retail media network for independents with the launch of the C&S Wholesale Grocers (CSWG) Rocket Omni Platform and has since expanded to include over 3,000 additional stores and the largest U.S. grocery wholesalers including: United Natural Foods Inc (UNFI), Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG), Bozzuto’s and SpartanNash. With Adsta, CPGs are able to execute various levels of promotions with a single execution across an entire network of wholesalers and regional retailers, something never possible before. C&S and UNFI specifically have accelerated their retail media initiatives by partnering with Adsta to launch their own retail media networks.

“Building strong partnerships is crucial in navigating the ever-changing landscape of digital retail media,” said Grant Lunde, Director of Digital Marketing for C&S Wholesale Grocers. “With the support of innovative partners like Adsta, retailers and wholesalers can accelerate their network growth and achieve success more efficiently than they could building a network on their own.” 

85% of CPG brands plan to allocate more marketing funds to retail media networks but the majority of this media spend currently flows to the largest grocery chains. Adsta is dedicated to equipping independents to maximize their monetization opportunities with CPGs.

“The Independent Grocery Marketplace is simultaneously responding to the needs of CPGs and their customers to provide innovative digital media services that expand and improve engagement,” said John Thompson, Principal Adsta and CEO of ShopToCook . “The Adsta Enablement Platform puts the power of retail media in the hands of the independent retailer, helping them remain viable and secure the CPG funding they rightfully deserve.”

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About Adsta 

Adsta is a rapidly expanding grocery retail media network that uses an omnichannel approach to reach 50 million unique customers at the moment they are making purchase decisions. Adsta’s outreach gives CPGs more flexibility than retail media networks from national chains and provides brands the freedom to craft and execute their own campaigns, all while collecting valuable analytics and essential first-party data. Currently Adsta’s national platform connects over 4,000 U.S. grocery stores; Adsta also powers white-label Retail Media networks for the nation’s largest grocery wholesalers and regional chains including C&S and UNFI. To learn more, visit