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How Adsta is responding to big shifts in the grocery industry and carrying momentum into the new year.

Since COVID-19, the grocery industry has been stretched, challenged, and thrust into a rapid transformation that has left little time for reflection. The last three years alone have seen CPGs and retailers in a near-constant state of flux, forced to assess and adjust everything from operation plans to marketing strategies. 

But the new year provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on past experiences, take stock of future plans, and build on successes from the previous year. 

Where We’ve Been 

Adsta started out with a simple vision: to provide CPGs and retailers with an intuitive technology platform designed to optimize digital engagement. As the industry further solidified its digital future, Adsta saw an untapped opportunity to bring retailers all over the country together in a single network. Today, the platform connects some of the biggest brands on grocery shelves with millions of shoppers from over 3,500 stores nationwide. 

The network quickly became an integral part of marketing strategies for both retailers and CPGs. Brands gained the ability to truly monetize their digital engagement and place their products in front of a whole new audience. And retailers were able to close the competitive gap between their stores and national chains. Adsta quickly became a crucial piece of the puzzle for retail media budgets all over the industry. 

Where We Are 

The importance of this founding vision was further witnessed in 2022, as the ability to scale effectively became even more intricately connected to retailers’ success. With this in mind, Adsta has big plans to bring additional brands and retail groups together to further increase opportunities and access to customers through the Adsta network. 

The past year also saw brands reworking their strategies with a more narrow focus on first-party data. Adsta responded by bridging the gap between CPGs and retailers, allowing brands to get access to vital analytics from retailers that sell their products. Additionally, Adsta’s open network approach allowed brands to collect first-party data directly from their shoppers via brand-sponsored sweepstakes and loyalty initiatives.

The ability to engage directly with shoppers is a unique attribute of Adsta’s Retail Media platform and gives brands a level of access that is unavailable on many platforms from national chains.

This additional first-party data access has helped brands gain important insights into customer behavior and established a strong foundation for the first-party future. 

Where We’re Going 

With 2023 on the horizon, Adsta remains committed to innovative solutions that work to push the status quo of digital advertising. Whether it’s implementing video and recipe-based advertising campaigns, or reimagining email campaigns, Adsta is constantly experimenting with creative new outreach strategies that give brands the best chance to connect with shoppers. While the Retail Media space has exploded in the last 18 months, many of the current offerings and approaches are still in their infancy and leave a lot to be desired. Adsta continues to be committed to a true omni-channel Retail Media approach that benefits both the in-store and online shoppers. In 2023, in collaboration with our valuable brand and retailer partners, we are excited to continue this journey forward!