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Adsta’s team sat down at the recent National Grocers Association Show to talk about what success looks like in the evolving grocery landscape.

The National Grocers Association Show puts some of the industry’s brightest minds in the same room and facilitates important dialogue about what’s on the horizon for retail. These meetings are an invaluable resource. They help to provide clarity about recent trends, predictions about what’s to come, and the opportunity to speak with others about potential partnerships. 

Two important conversations were recorded at the recent show that helps make sense of what’s been happening, and where things are going. A theme in both conversations was the importance of uncommon partnerships, and how the industry is changing because of them.

Reimagine Your Community 

First, Adsta’s Shawn Tuckett and John Thompson caught up with Greg Ferrara to talk about what the NGA is doing to help independent retailers. Ferrara noted that in the two years since the pandemic started there has been a renewed sense of community among many shoppers. Consumers are becoming increasingly reminded that local grocery stores depend on their business, and supporting independents means investing in your community. 

A renewed focus on independent grocers has come from all walks of life, and it’s not just customers. The NGA’s recent antitrust whitepaper has inspired politicians from both sides of the aisle to work together to support independent retailers.

Strength in Numbers  

Adsta is all about uncommon partnerships, in fact, it’s central to their business philosophy. After all, getting over 3,500 independent retailers to unite under a single network is anything but common. But by doing so, Adsta provides independent stores with the same range of access to CPGs as the national chains. 

These unusual collaborators also mean success for CPGs. Brands are getting unprecedented access to new shoppers, and with over $250 billion dollars of sales going through independent channels, a major boost in revenue. Like any good partnership, Adsta helps facilitate two-way access to exciting new opportunities. Independent retailers gain access to promotions on par with major chains, and CPG brands gain shoppers that they have previously missed.

A New Approach to Retail 

Adsta’s ability to build a network of improbable allies is rooted in their own company DNA. Before building Adsta, our founders had already established themselves with two separate ventures in the grocery industry, Shawn with Webstop and John with ShoptoCook. But a passion for helping independents succeed outweighed any concern over competition. 

It’s this spirit of cooperation that sets Adsta apart and is disrupting the status quo in the grocery industry. And customers are reaping the benefits too. When CPGs and retailers are working together, independent shoppers gain a new level of access to promotions and savings. This in turn leads to increased loyalty and sales for the stores where they shop. 

Adsta knows that by emphasizing collaboration over competition, everyone wins.