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By emphasizing cooperation over competition, Adsta works to benefit CPGS, retailers, and shoppers. 

For independent grocers, supporting operations is a constant balancing act. Stocking high-demand products, hiring knowledgeable workers, and keeping track of inventory requires a particular mix of skills. Plus, independents have to do this all while being surrounded by major chains. Despite the fact that the majority of people prefer to shop local, remaining competitive with supercenters is a consistent struggle. 

The truth is, it’s traditionally been easier for CPG brands to work with major chains. There are currently five times more chain supermarket locations than independent stores. Whether it's rolling out new products or running particular specials, brands have gotten used to working with chains because a single buy gets their message in front of shoppers across the country. 

This is exactly why Adsta is so disruptive… 

Level the Playing Field 

Adsta’s platform unites over 3,500 stores into a single retail media network. By bringing independent stores together, Adsta provides vital access that simultaneously benefits brands and stores. CPGs get their message in front of shoppers outside the scope of supercenters, and independent stores gain the ability to provide the same promotions and specials as major chains. 

Brands have never been able to have this level of access to independents. And given the fact that more than $250 billion dollars worth of sales comes through independent channels, it has been a huge missed opportunity. Plus, by helping them offer the same promotional opportunities as major retailers, Adsta allows independent shoppers to see major savings. 

Expand Your Reach 

The grocery industry has never seen this type of collaboration among stores, and it took a special partnership to bring it all together. Adsta was formed through an unlikely alliance of major players in the grocery industry; Webstop and ShoptoCook. The two biggest website providers to the independent market looked past their own competition to provide unparalleled access to independent retailers. 

At the recent National Grocers Association Show, Adsta’s John Thompson and Shawn Tuckett sat down to talk about their unlikely partnership and the value that Adsta brings to the grocery industry. 

Adsta brings a renewed sense of teamwork to an industry that has long been marked by competitiveness. This emphasis is seen in their own company structure, and the ways they have worked to unite independent retailers who would have never dreamed of working together. This communal spirit ultimately benefits shoppers by giving them access to the best promotions CPGs have to offer. 

Find out more about how Adsta is disrupting the status quo…