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Using strategic partnerships for success in the digital shelf space.

Does this sound familiar? Your brand makes exceptional products, but like many CPGs, you find yourself puzzled by evolving shopping habits that leave some of your best messaging unseen. Whether your brand is still trying to reclaim market share lost in the pandemic, reintroducing a classic product, or trying to break through to a different audience segment, rethinking your approach to retail media strategies is the key to unlocking new opportunities and maximizing your reach. 

In this cluttered space, how can your brand stand out? By partnering with a retail media platform that looks for opportunities in unexpected places. 

The Partnership Advantage

The retail landscape has witnessed an explosion of RMNs, from giants like Walmart and Amazon to national chains like Kroger and Albertsons. This burgeoning field raises critical questions about the sustainability and effectiveness of so many networks.

Because of the volume of RMNs, more and more experts are suggesting that strategic collaborations are the key to standing out and increasing market presence. These partnerships look different depending on the context and range from small-scale co-branded initiatives and influencer collaborations to full-on retailer alliances. However, each is designed to pool the strengths and resources from other enterprises in order to achieve mutual goals like driving sales and boosting brand visibility.

Unity is strength and with retail media, scale matters. Even smaller brands can stand out by leveraging strategic partnerships in order to grow their presence and reach a wider audience. This collective approach can level the playing field, allowing CPGs to compete more effectively. 

Beyond The Obvious 

As the retail environment grows more complex and dispersed, partnerships become increasingly vital for CPG brands looking to navigate a fragmented landscape with too many options. Collaborations offer a pathway to new markets, enhance brand recognition, and give brands a stronger competitive edge. But knowing where to put your ad spend isn’t always obvious. As Tier 1 retailers continue to establish themselves, it’s important not to count out the millions of shoppers who do their shopping with smaller, independent retailers. 

Independent grocery stores play a pivotal role in the success of CPG brands, serving as an invaluable touchpoint with a large segment of customers. Shoppers who frequent independent stores make up over 1/3rd of all U.S. grocery sales, equalling over $253 million dollars in sales. Independent retailers also have a way of inspiring loyalty among their customer base. A recent NGA survey found that nearly 70% of independent shoppers have no plans to switch from their local store. 

Small Stores, Big Impact 

At first glance, accessing independent retailers might feel easier said than done. After all, Tier 1 retailers are seemingly launching a new RMN every week, with each one promising access to a national audience. But because of their size, RMNs from major chains make it difficult for individual CPGs to stand out. Not to mention forcing brands to play by their rules and give up hope of key data insights that can help shape future campaigns. 

What CPGs truly need is an RMN that consolidates thousands of independent retailers from across the United States into a single, comprehensive platform. While Tier 1 retailers may very well continue to dominate the RMN space, their sheer size often dilutes the visibility of CPGs. By utilizing a unified RMN that includes independent retailers, brands tap into the unparalleled potential to break through the clutter and access consistent, loyal shoppers at the moment they’re making purchasing decisions. 

Adsta’s Advantage 

CPGs have endless options for where they can spend their advertising dollars, but as more Tier 1 RMNs flood the space, smart brands are thinking strategically about how to best leverage partnerships. As major chains continue to dictate their own terms and conditions, brands are looking for RMNs that offer a wide range of loyal customers and provide actionable data that gives real-time insights into who is buying their products. 

By leveraging a collection of independent and regional retailers, Adsta provides CPGs the opportunity to multiply their audience, maximize their reach, and access insights into consumer behavior. This comprehensive platform not only amplifies brand visibility but also empowers CPGs to make data-driven decisions, refine their targeting strategies, and ultimately drive higher ROI on their advertising investments. In a landscape saturated with options, consider working with a strategic partner that enables your brand to navigate the complexities of retail media and unlocks new paths for growth.