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A dynamic new partnership combines Adsta’s network of 50 million grocery shoppers with InMobi Commerce’s engaging video experiences to help CPGs better reach customers.

As traditional marketing channels continue to lose audience, outreach strategies have been forced to evolve. With an endless list of digital offerings at their fingertips, CPGs are left with difficult choices about how to best stand out among the static online.

Adsta simplifies this process for brands by staying one step ahead of the newest trends. It’s this spirit of innovation that motivated the recent groundbreaking partnership with InMobi Commerce, a multinational advertising technology company that specializes in immersive video experiences. Videos have proven to be a vital tool for brands who want to boost engagement, educate customers, and increase sales. Now, Adsta will incorporate InMobi Commerce’s video ad experiences into its platform, which powers media placements for grocers throughout the United States. 

Diversifying Channels 

CPG advertisers currently account for the majority of retail media ad spend in the grocery industry, and trends suggest this emphasis will continue to grow. In fact,  85% of CPG brands are planning to move additional marketing dollars toward retail media networks. This move is particularly pertinent to regional retailers who might lack the resources to build advanced grocery sites or do not have the standalone traffic to attract budgets from major brands. 

While major chains dictate the terms of campaigns to CPGs and hold most of the buying power for CPG promotions, Adsta provides a more affordable and accessible opportunity for innovative CPG brands who want to experiment with diverse channels. “As retail media continues its rapid growth, efficiency is key,” said Jake Gray, Regional Sales Manager for Bush Brothers. “Adsta providing the ability to reach multiple partner touch points with a single campaign setup is filling such a need in the industry. To be able to reach 50 million unique shoppers, it used to take multiple campaigns and the same setup process over and over for each individual account; now, we can accomplish the same reach with a single setup. Getting that time back is huge!”

Partners With a Purpose 

With the help of InMobi Commerce, Adsta looks to add even more potential channels for CPGs to stand out. With expertise in a variety of retail vertices, Inmobi Commerce helps retailers capitalize on the growing opportunities in retail media markets. By utilizing InMobi’s success with engaging videos, Adsta will begin to offer CPGs the ability to put their products in front of high-intent shoppers as they research, browse, and shop online. 

“This partnership creates opportunities for brands to easily reach new consumers through a growing and proven strategy,” says Jimit Doshi, Senior Vice President of InMobi Commerce. “This is especially important as competition and pricing in retail media heats up; CPGs looking to diversify their media mix and lower overall CPMs are going to find value in running retail media outside of the current major players in the space.”

Stay Ahead of the Curve 

As video continues to establish itself as an essential tool for digital marketing, partnering with InMobi Commerce exists as the most recent example of Adsta’s forward-thinking approach to retail media. The partnership works to provide advertisers with premium video content that helps drive increased engagement and valuable return on investment for Adsta’s network of over 3,300 grocery stores nationwide. 

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