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Is your brand unsure of how to spend its marketing budget amidst so many options?
Adsta is the missing link. 

Marketing budgets are being continuously directed towards Retail Media networks in hopes of keeping brands competitive. CPGs like the flexibility of media networks, allowing them to put their products in front of relevant audiences and collect valuable data. But the Retail Media landscape is constantly evolving, and staying on top of the constant changes is a full-time job. 

That’s why Adsta supports CPGs by staying up to date with every new shift in the Retail Media landscape. Adsta recently attended the Path to Purchase Retail Media Summit in Chicago, where some of the brightest minds in the CPG and retail industry came together to talk about the future of Retail Media. Below are three primary takeaways and how Adsta stands apart: 

Insight #1: CPG spending is becoming more fluid.

Brands have endless options for where they can invest their budgets. But with the rise of Retail Media networks, this can sometimes feel like a guessing game. In order to stay relevant, CPGs must figure out the best way to optimally invest their budgets across different platforms. This is happening every day, with 78% of brands regularly moving their budget between retailers. 
Adsta simplifies the decision-making process for CPGs by giving them access to 50 million shoppers from over 3,500 grocery stores nationwide. This level of access to relevant shoppers makes Adsta the perfect complement to your brand's existing media mix. 

Insight #2: Targeted, hyper-relevant advertising is more effective.

Effective advertising is all about putting the right message in front of the right person at the right time. Even if your brand is getting the right products in front of shoppers with genuine interest, it can be a wasted opportunity if they’re not on the purchase path when they see it. 

Adsta gives CPGs access to some of the most targeted shoppers of any retail media network. These are the in-store grocery shoppers who represent 95% of all grocery shopping vs. the roughly 5% of grocery shoppers using eCommerce. Adsta allows CPG ads to be seen at the perfect time, precisely as shoppers decide what to buy. 

Insight #3: CPGs that set their own rules will pull ahead

Name recognition and national reach make advertising with national brands seem like a no-brainer for CPGs. But placing your advertising budget in the hands of national chains requires making certain sacrifices. Major box stores make CPGs play by their rules, limiting their ability to craft campaigns to get brands what they need. Plus all your competitors are doing the same thing. 

Adsta allows CPGs to call their own shots, personalizing their advertising experience to accomplish exactly what they want. This includes prioritizing the collection of crucial first-party data.

The Missing Piece 

For CPGs, piecing together the most efficient use of your marketing budget can feel like trying to solve a constantly shifting puzzle. By giving brands the ability to collect crucial first party data while placing their products in front of shoppers on the path to purchase, Adsta is the perfect missing piece to CPGs overall media budget. 

Are you confident your products are being seen by as many shoppers as possible? Click the link below to find out more about how Adsta can help round out your overall media spend.