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In less than one year of operation, Adsta has proven to be a valuable advertising resource for CPG’s. 

Williamsville, New York– Since launching in August of 2020 Adsta has facilitated a number of successful campaigns with major CPGs. The media market platform, a joint venture from Webstop and ShopToCook has partnered with brands like Kraft, Quaker, Kellogg’s, General Mills, Clorox, and Nestle, placing their products in front of millions of digital shoppers from independent grocery stores. 

Adsta has received positive feedback from these partnerships, who have expressed enthusiasm about expanding their reach outside of major retail networks. Desiree Casey, senior shopper marketing manager for Kraft Heinz described working with Adsta as “a great way for us to reach those independent customers and to be able to provide equity in advertising against our brands, amplifying what we already have going on in the circular and bringing it to life online. [That] has been so incredibly important, especially during the past year with the huge increase in consumers going onto websites and doing online shopping.” 

The detailed analytics offered by Adsta demonstrate this success. A typical National campaign such as the “Leave it to Lunchables” campaign earned more than 10 million web, mobile, email and in-store media impressions. Click thru rates also beat industry averages and what most CPGs receive from similar Facebook and Google campaigns.

With access to over 3,500 independent grocery stores nationwide, Adsta helps curate personalized online advertising experiences. A focus on independent grocers is the next logical step for CPGs grappling with Retail Media Networks. Recent Censuswide data exploring the shopping habits of young people noted that 65% of respondents said they adjusted their shopping behaviors to support local businesses.

“Although the venture is young, Adsta’s first eight months suggest a bright future,” said Shawn Tuckett, Vice President of Sales and Client Service at Webstop. “We’re excited to continue to develop and grow during the remainder of 2021, and into the holiday season.” 

Adsta has already gained over 200 million digital impressions, and the numbers are growing with each new campaign. In the second half of 2021 the media market platform plans to further advance integrations with third parties to enhance ad offerings, as well as continuing its mission to connect the biggest CPG brands with over 40 million shoppers.

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